Photographer of South Island Rural landscapes and people

Bill Irwin

Published: new book and a calendar

Another Perspective Mid Canterbury

So many images never make it past pixels on a screen so I'm excited to have a new book in print as well as 2016's calendar ready to go. It's very satisfying the see a collection of images printed, especially when they help promote the amazing space of Mid Canterbury. Many people race down the main road and think Mid Canterbury is a wee bit flat and boring compared to other spots in the South Island, but if they took the time to explore they would find so much beautiful space hidden here - without the tourist crowds.  

With my first book nearly sold out, I set about selecting my favourite images captured since the previous book was printed.  While they are landscapes of Mid Canterbury's mountains and lakes, they also represent the diversity of farming types on the plains. Not just sheep, cattle, dairy but also deer, arable crops, vegetable seeds and even tulip bulbs are in the mix.  These rural landscapes are my favourite.

The new book is the same format as the first; 64 page hardcover A5 (about 220x155 mm). The paper is a high quality satin and reproduces the photographs faithfully. At $24 it's an ideal gift, easy to mail. 

2016 Mountains and Plains calendar

Each year I select a dozen images for a calendar.  Everyone lets me know what a 'good' photo would be for the calendar - some like to see more community action, very recognisable places and so on.  While the calendar is a bit Methven centric (after all, it's where I live and work) the calendars I like most show our area, but perhaps in ways most don't see - the unfamiliar familiar as it were.  So this year's calendar is very much about our amazing space, close to home. 

2016 calendar front cover: the Rakaia River and Mt. Hutt
2016 calendar back cover with summary of monthly photos

I've spent a lot of time with the printer making sure the reproduction is the best it can be - we are using a new silk paper this year and I'm very happy with how it looks.  The page layout is very clean, plenty of room to scribble your notes on. It is an A4 size, not too big, not too small. 

Nice clean layout

The calendars will be ready in early October. They are sold through the book store, Post Office, iSite and Mobil garage in Methven.  You can also order from me, i'm happy to mail them anywhere.

You can find out more about ordering the book and calendar here